Artist Emin Guliyev



                          About The Artist

I grew up in the family of the artist, and from early childhood  I was exposed to  the sculptures of my father, naturally getting accustomed to painting, drawing and other kinds of arts. Being a professional sculptor I nevertheless like working in other fields of creative arts, drawing, painting and graphic.

I normally work without a model and I am trying to reflect in my work the fullness and beauty of form in the space. My method is tightly connected to my life impressions. My paintings are done by simple confident lines accomplished without corrections.

Generally all my works, whether they are sculptures, paintings or drawings are done with big warmth  and inspiration. My definition of real professionalism is harmonic integrity of an artist and his works,  when his mood and emotions are in complete accord with the form they are expressed in.

I also enjoy teaching kids and students how to Draw and Sculpt.

Art by Emin